LEZLIE FRYE portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Gender Studies


  • Lezlie Frye (2023). Toward a Feminist Genealogy of US Disability Rights: Mapping the Discursive Legacies and Labor of Black Liberation. (pp. 85-102). Duke University Press. Published, 03/01/2023.
  • Lezlie Frye (2022). Cripping the "Crack Baby" Epidemic: A Feminist Disability Genealogy of Welfare Reform. Feminist Formations. Vol. 34, 69-98. Published, 09/07/2022.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts


  • Fine/Folk: Conversations to Challenge Labels in the Arts is a series of panel discussions inviting artists of color, queer artists, and disabled artists working across mediums and artistic categories to participate in dialogue about the labels used in the arts that privilege "Fine" arts, or art that conforms to white western aesthetic values and standards. Cultural institutions have historically denigrated "Folk" art due to racist, ableist, classist, and/or hetero-sexist beliefs regarding the validity and sophistication of art practices outside the traditional "academy." "Folk," "underground," and "outsider" arts present unique and valuable artistic expression in their own right; however, institutions have often denied artists working in these areas appropriate resources and recognition. In partnership with artists and local arts organizations, Fine/Folk will present discussions to advocate for change in how Salt Lake's cultural institutions label, categorize, and value art. Panel, Presented, 10/06/2022.
  • 2022 Edie Kochenour Memorial Event: Beyond Resilience: Reclaiming Self and Redefining Work-life Integration. In the past two years of navigating the pandemic, racial injustices, and so much more, we’ve all been encouraged to be resilient. What happens when that means giving up too much of ourselves? What if there was something beyond resilience? Our panel will explore strategies to help us build the life we really want to live, drawing from the wisdom of leaders who are working to reimagine resilience and success. Panel, Presented, 03/16/2022.