• Adjunct Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Research Statement

I am a philosopher of psychiatry, and to me this means two important things. First, my research is part of a rich tradition in philosophy of science that allies the critical and conceptual tools of analytic philosophy with the empirical tools of the sciences of the mind—specifically psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It is, at its core, an interdisciplinary endeavor. Second, the motivating force behind my research is centered around the critical project of understanding and promoting mental well-being. The questions I seek to answer are How do human minds work? What does it mean for our minds to work well, or badly? And, what is the nature of the discipline of ‘psychiatry’—as both science and evaluative system—that seeks to undertake this project?
I have had the opportunity to pursue several avenues of this research program, including work on implicit social cognition, on the taxonomization of mental disorders, and on the influence of culture on psychiatry. In the future, I plan to extend my work by examining how our concepts of agency and well-being inform thinking about mental health. Ultimately, I hope my work is of use both to laypersons and clinicians who are directly affected by mental illness, as well as to the theoreticians who seek to improve psychiatric thinking and practice.


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