Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • GEO 2100-001
    Reactive Earth
  • GEO 2100-004
    Reactive Earth

Spring 2023

Professional Organizations

  • European Association of Geochemistry. 01/15/2019 - present. Position : Member.
  • AWG. 04/01/2018 - present. Position : Member.
  • NAGT. 02/01/2018 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Geophysical Union. 08/09/2009 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

Courses I Teach

  • 5920/6920/7920 - Advanced Petrology
    Main focus: upper mantle processes. We will examine a variety of petrologic tools to better understand the processes involved during magma formation and transport from their mantle source to the surface. The format of this class will be a mixture of lectures, discussions, and a couple of in-class exercises.
  • GEO3020 - Mineralogy
    The proper identification of a rock, to be sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic, requires the ability to identify the constituent minerals. However, mineralogy is a subject that goes beyond mere mineral identification. A knowledge of symmetry, twinning, phase equilibria, crystal chemistry, etc. helps us interpret the conditions of formation of a mineral, as well as other events that a mineral has experienced. Thus, Mineralogy gives you access to the information that minerals can provide about Earth processes and Earth history.
  • GEO3050 - Igneous and Metamophic Petrology
    Petrology is the study of rocks, in this case igneous and metamorphic ones (“hard rocks”). Because rocks are aggregates of minerals, this course is a natural continuation of Mineralogy. You will learn about igneous melt generation, evolution, and crystallization process, mid-ocean ridge and subduction zone igneous processes, metamorphic processes and occurrences and general principles that will allow you to interpret the rocks that you encounter.

Student Projects

  • FRTE in natural samples: implications for lithology tracers. Otto Lang, Emily Cunningham. 08/19/2019 - present
  • Investigating Melt-Rock Interactions in Gabbroic Rocks from the Atlantis Massif: Implications for Oceanic Crustal Accretion. Will Haddick. 08/15/2018 - 05/15/2019

Teaching Projects

  • 3D rock Library ( Project Lead: Sarah Lambart. Collaborators: John Bowman, Joshua Marquardt (Grad student), Margie Chan, Nick Hebdon (Grad student), Karrah Spendlove (undergrad. student). Teaching grant from the University of Utah 07/01/2020 - present.