• Bachelor's of Science, Earth Sciences, Blaise Pascal University (France)
  • Master of Science , Earth Sciences, Blaise Pascal University. Project: Experimental approach on the role of focused magma transport beneath mid-ocean ridge: implications for MORB genesis
  • PhD in Earth Sciences, Petrology, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Project: Role of mantle heterogeneities in MORB genesis: Experimental study of the partial melting of pyroxenites and of the magma/rock interaction at high pressure

Research Summary

My primary research focuses on the chemistry of Earth and planetary interiors with a particular emphasis on the role of magma generation and magma and fluid - interaction on the differentiation and chemical evolution of terrestrial planets. I combine experimental techniques and thermodynamical modeling to investigate a range of various processes from magma focusing in the asthenosphere to reactive-cracking in the crust.