Research Summary

Symptom Care at Home-Heart Failure: Developing and piloting a symptom monitoring and self-management coaching system for patients with heart failure Funding: NIH/NHLBI (1K23HL148545-01A1) Dates: 04/15/2020 - 03/31/2025 Keeping heart failure (HF) patients at home with a low symptom burden after hospital discharge is challenging. Primary mentor: Kathi Mooney Co-mentor: Josef Stehlik Advisor: Gary Donaldson Advisor: Sandra Dunbar


  • Associate’s in Nursing, Nursing, Seoul Women's College of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Education in Health Science, Health Science, Baylor University
  • Master’s in Public Health, Public Health, George Washington University
  • PhD in Nursing with a minor in Nursing Informatics, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania. Project: Patient-related characteristics associated with rehospitalization in Medicare recipients with heart failure receiving tele-homecare.
  • Post-doctoral fellowship, Aging and Informatics program(T32NR014833), University of Washington


Youjeong Kang is an Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the College of Nursing.  She teaches in the nursing informatics program.  Dr. Kang has studied geriatric population with heart failure, and their characteristics associated with rehospitalization.  In particular, she is interested in how pain and co-occurring symptoms are associated with rehospitalization among geriatric population with heart failure.