Romeo García portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse University
  • Master of Arts, English, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Texas A&M University College Station


Romeo García (PhD, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric, Syracuse University) is Assistant Professor of Writing & Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah. García's research and teaching includes multi-sited inquiries into where hauntings (e.g., settler colonialism, coloniality, modernity/coloniality) are at, how they have unfolded at varying scales, and what its consequences are in the everyday. Specifically, he is interested in the role settler literacies, images, and rhetorics play in constructing settler states, constituting haunted/ing communities, and maintaining wounded/ing places and spaces, utilizing settler archives to gain such insights. García's research appears in College Composition and CommunicationRhetoric Society QuarterlyAcross the Disciplines, The Writing Center JournalCommunity Literacy Journal, and constellations. He is co-editor (with Damián Baca) of Rhetorics Elsewhere and Otherwise, winner of the 2020 Conference on College Composition & Communication Outstanding Book Award (Edited Collection). García's current interests include the decolonial research paradigm's impact on composition and rhetorical studies; settler archival research; the cultural imaginary of border(ed)landers of South Texas; and community building in and outside of academia.