OFER ROG portrait
  • Associate Professor, School Of Biological Sciences

Research Summary

During sexual reproduction, regulated interactions between chromosomes are crucial for producing gametes and for generation of genetic diversity. We are focused on three questions: I: Bringing chromosomes together: How are parental chromosomes aligned? II: Building a liquid crystal: How does an ordered interface glue chromosomes while responding to exchanges? III: Long-range organization: How are chromosomes packaged to allow the integration of local and large-scale information?


  • PhD, Telomere Biology, University College London


Ofer Rog did his undergraduate sutdies in Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD from University College London and Cancer Research UK, studing telomere replication with Julie Cooper. He did his postdoctoral work with Abby Dernburg at UC Berkeley, where he studied meiotic chromosome dynamics in C. elegans nematodes.