Ge (Gaby) Ou portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Civil And Environmental Engin


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, Purdue University, United States

Research Summary

Gaby Ou's research focus is civil infrastructural performance assessment. Interested topics including hybrid simulation testing technique, nonlinear system modeling and identification, structural health monitoring using engineering sensor and human sensor information, and critical infrastructure interdependence analysis.


My research focus is performance assessment of civil infrastructure and systems under multihazards.

Interested topics including:

  • Earthquake and seismic impacts on civil infrastructures and systems
  • Infrastructrue performance under extreme windstorms 
  • Nonlinear system modeling and identification
  • Advanced structual simulation and experimentation
  • Hybrid simulation testing technique
  • Disaster monitoring and emergence response under extreme events.

WeatherG Initiative

Dr. Ou is one of the leading PIs of the WeatherG Initiative. 

WeatherG is an interdisciplinary research initiative, which aims to understand physical-law based chain effect of the weather impact on power network. Our research efforts, thus far, have focused on enhancement of electric grid resilience during hurricanes.


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