SEJIN KIM portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Communication
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), College Of Humanities
  • Director of Communication Program at U Asia Campus
+82 (32) 626-6218

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • COMM 2580-301
    Strat Comm Theory & Pra
    Location: TBA (TBA)
  • COMM 3190-301
    Intercultural Comm
    Location: TBA (TBA)
  • COMM 5580-301
    PR Cases & Campaigns
    Location: TBA (TBA)

Summer 2021

Spring 2021

Other Profile Data

Dr. Kim has taught a variety of courses such as Analysis of Argument, Intercultural Communication, PR Cases and Campaigns, Principles of Advertising, Principles of Public Speaking, Special Topics in Strategic Communication (PR/Marketing/Advertising), Strategic Comm. Theory & Practice, and Theoretical Perspectives in Communication at the University of Utah Asia Campus since he joined the institution in Fall 2016.