Jennifer Taylor, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Taylor, Ph.D. portrait
  • Research Subcommittee Founder and Leader for the Continuing Education Committee, American Psychological Association
  • Society of Counseling Psychology/Division 17 Awards and Recognition Committee Member, American Psychological Association
  • Division 17 Section for Advancement of Women Herstory Task Force Member, American Psychological Association
  • Continuing Education Committee Chair, American Psychological Association
  • Continuing Education Committee Member, American Psychological Association
  • Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology


Research Statement

My research focuses on professional competence, lifelong learning, continuing professional development, mentoring, and continuing education. As an extension of this work, I also study important impacts and predictors of professional competence, including personal variables such as stress, self-care, and an appreciation for multiculturalism and engagement in social justice issues. My overall program of research is designed to provide an evidence-based approach to understanding, generating, and maintaining professional competence across the professional lifespan. It includes conceptual and empirical expressions as this rapidly developing field advances within a broadly interdisciplinary context, both informing, and being informed by, developments within allied fields of health.

Research Keywords

  • Training Issues, Interest Level: 5
  • Professional Competence, Interest Level: 5
  • Lifelong Learning, Interest Level: 5
  • Continuing Professional Development, Interest Level: 5
  • Adult and Continuing Education, Interest Level: 5