Anna R. Docherty, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Anna R. Docherty, PhD portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
  • Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience
  • Affiliate Assistant Professor, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric & Behavioral Genetics


Pedagogical Publications

  • January, A. M., Meyerson, D. A., Reddy, L. F., Docherty, A. R., & Klonoff, E. A. (2014). Impressions of misconduct: Clinical psychology doctoral students’ perceptions of faculty ethical violations. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 8(4), 261-268. Paper published, 08/04/2014.

Student Projects

  • Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in schizophrenia and associated biomarkers. Tim Lano. 08/01/2016 - present