• Research Scientist, Energy & Geoscience Institute
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Civil And Environmental Engin
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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Geophysics , Colorado School of Mines. Project: A flexible automatically adaptive surface nuclear magnetic resonance modelling and inversion framework incorporating complex data and static dephasing dynamics

Research Summary

The interplay between physical phenomenon, driving forces, and policy in the water-energy-food nexus presents a broad and critically important area for research and investigation. Of particular interest for me is the changing role of groundwater within this framework. The breadth of my interests include: basic research in fluid transport phenomenon from the pore to the regional scale, engineered abatement to climate change, and research on sustainable policy for groundwater management.


Trevor Irons is a research professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah. His research interests include multiphysics modelling and inversion, high performance computing, and numerical methods. Applications in which he is engaged in include near surface hydrology, permafrost studies, and carbon capture and sequestration.

Selected Works

  • LEMMA. Lemma is an Electromagnetics Modelling API which has been under development since 2012. Contributing institutions include Colorado School of Mines, the US Geological Survey, Vista Clara INC., and the UU. Released under the Mozilla Public License. Release Date: 04/01/2017. Inventors: Irons, Trevor; Kass, Andrew, and others. Distribution List: .