• Visiting Assistant Professor, School Of Music


Creative Research

  • Commission from NOVA Chamber Music Series, 2017. In Progress. Composition for a chamber piano concerto. Jason Hardink, soloist. To be premiered in the Spring 2018, in Salt Lake City. Commission, in progress 12/15/2016.
  • Commission from Duo Do Re Mi, 2016 (Untitled) Composition for flute and piano. Roberta Mitchell (Flute) and Mirna Lekic (piano). To be premiered in the Fall 2016, in New York. Commission, in progress 12/15/2015.
  • Commission from trombonist David Whitwell, 2014 (lites) Composition for low brass trio. To be premiered in the Summer 2016, in New York. Commission, completed 12/15/2015.
  • Commission from flutist Julián Elvira, 2015 (Promissus) Composition for prónomo flute and electronics. Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. June 22, 2015. 2nd performance: VII Ciclo de Conciertos de Solistas Fundación BBVA Palacio Marqués de Salamanca, Madrid, Spain. December 6, 2015 Commission, completed 12/06/2015.
  • Commission from composers Elizabeth Adams and Julie Harting for their “Julie and Elizabeth’s Anti-Capitalist Concert Series” (oh Rousseau, Where Art Thou). Composition for The Cadillac Moon Ensemble. Premiere performance: Tenri Cultural Institute, NY. October 17, 2015. Commission, completed 10/17/2015.
  • Commission from Dr.Faustus, 2015 (Sound Imagery No.5) Composition for violin and electronics for Dr.Faustus’ “New Synchronisms" project. Premiere performance: Willow Place Auditorum, Brooklyn, NY. May 20, 2015 Commission, completed 05/20/2015.
  • Commission from Ensemble Mise-En, 2015 (quintessence) Composition for flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, violin, bass and percussion. Premiere perfromance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. May 18, 2015 Commission, completed 05/18/2015.
  • Music Composition for the theatre production of "Cyrano". By Jo Roets Directed by Matthew Gutschick. Parallel 45 Theatre Company. About the Play: A delightful, heartwarming adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s classic Cyrano de Bergerac that tells the timeless tale of a man who helps another win the affections of the very woman he, himself, loves. Directed by Matthew Gutschick, Artistic Director of Omaha’s Rose Theatre, a cast of three actors triangulates this classic into a lightning-paced romance of duels, panache and sacrifice. This play was commissioned by the renowned Seattle Children’s Theatre and has been performed all over the world to the delight of audiences of all ages. Curatorial/Production, completed 04/2015.
  • Commission from The Cadillac Moon Ensemble, 2014 (alcmaeon) Composition for flute, violin and percussion. Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. April 9, 2014. Additional performance: Signal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. December 11, 2014. Commission, completed 12/11/2014.
  • Commission from Ensemble 365, 2013 (Cuncta Fluunt) Composition for soprano and voice. Premiere performance: CUNY Graduate Center, NY. October 10, 2013. Additional performances: Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY. May 28, 2014; The Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY. June 5, 2014; Jan Hus Church, New York, NY. November 23, 2014. Commission, completed 11/23/2014.