Wei (Windy) Zhao portrait
  • Post-Doc, College of Architecture + Planning
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, School Of Architecture

Research Statement

My research focuses on the ways in which the process of globalization and modernization has impacted the social relations and cultural identity of marginalized social groups, including people living in vernacular settlements in rural China who struggle to preserve rural identity and heritage in the context of rural and urban inequities, Chinese immigrants living in American Chinatowns who strive to protect their cultural integrity and tradition while their ethnic built environment rapidly becomes dilapidated, and non-permanent residents in Beijing who become the victims of the new urban renewal and historic preservation policy. In supporting this main research focus, I am also interested in issues related to heritage management and sustainable tourist development, as these are often the means and possible future−as a heritage or tourist site or both−for most vernacular settlements, Chinatowns, and historic city centers to sustain themselves in the future.

Research Keywords

  • Social and Cultural Dimensions of the Built Environment
  • Social Sustainability
  • Globalization and Local Identity
  • Built Environment of Marginalized Social Groups
  • Vernacular Settlements
  • China Studies
  • Heritage Management
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Historic Preservation


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  • Chinese, fluent.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • China


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