ANNE V. KIRBY portrait
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychiatry
  • Associate Professor, Occupational & Recreational Therapies

Research Summary

My research centers around individuals on the autism spectrum or with other disabilities to understand family experiences and factors influencing participation and quality of life. Currently, I am most focused on (1) suicide risk and prevention in autism and (2) supporting autistic youth and their families to experience successful transitions to adulthood. I also have expertise in sensory processing differences in autism.


  • BS, Occupational Science, University of New Hampshire
  • MS, Occupational Therapy, University of New Hampshire
  • PhD, Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Project: Factors Influencing Participation Outcomes of Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder


My research focuses on individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, with particular focus on (1) suicide risk and prevention, and (2) understanding and preparing youth and families for successful transition to adulthood. Prior to pursuing my PhD in Occupational Science, I gained diverse clinical experiences as an occupational therapist. I worked in early intervention and charter school settings with children with a variety of special needs. I also worked as an inpatient occupational therapist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Travel has also provided me with opportunities to learn about occupational therapy and other services for individuals with disabilities in multiple states and other parts of the world. I enjoy bringing my experiences into the classroom when teaching.