• Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies Division in the School for Cultural & Social Transformation
  • Affiliated Faculty Member, Asian Studies, University of Utah
  • Affiliated Faculty Member, Center for Research on Migration and Refugee Integration
  • Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

Courses I Teach

  • SW 6120-04 - Reflexive Social Work I
    This is a required course in the Foundation curriculum of the MSW Program. The purpose of this course is to examine the historical and contemporary dynamics of prejudice and discrimination in American society as they affect the development and implementation of social welfare policies and programs aimed at improving the life chances and opportunities of people who are oppressed, or otherwise kept from realizing their full potential. The goal of this course is to lay the foundation for and to create the context in which students can become critically conscious, reflexive practitioners in a global, multicultural world. Multicultural competence is defined as a process of ongoing self-education, including the development of deeper cultural awareness and humility, understanding our epistemological “reach,” and troubling our funds of knowledge. In this course, students will be introduced to the multi-faceted sociopolitical, economic, historical, and institutional processes that have shaped and continue to influence the ways in which race, religion, culture, gender, class, and sexualities have become integral aspects of dominant power and discourse in the United States.

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • ETHNC 5430-090
    Asian Amer Politics
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • ETHNC 5430-290
    Asian Amer Politics
  • ETHNC 5900-090
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • POLS 5960-001
    Special Topics
    Location: ONLN (Online)

Spring 2021

Professional Organizations

  • National Women Studies Association. 02/23/2015 - present. Position : Member.
  • Law and Society Association. 01/01/2015 - present. Position : Member.
  • Association for Asian American Studies. 10/17/2014 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Sociological Association. 07/27/2012 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Studies Association. 09/29/2011 - present. Position : Member.