• Graduate Teaching Assist (TA), Philosophy

Research Summary

My current research is focused on Locke's religious epistemology, particularly the evidential role and value he assigns to miracles.


  • B.A., Philosophy, Florida International University
  • B.A., History, Florida International University


I am currently in my 4th year of pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Utah. I began studying philosophy during my senior year of high school and never looked back. Along with philosophy, I find great joy in studying history, which I've found enriches my understanding of the paradigm changes in philosophic thought over the millenia. As of now, my research focuses on the epistemology, metaphysics, and theology of John Locke, particularly as it pertains to his views on miracles. However, I have many other interests, such as political philosophy, existentialism, 19th-century German philosophy, Hellenistic philosophy, and Christian thought during the Middle Ages.