Nicholas Witham
  • Graduate Research Assist (RA), Elect & Computer Engineering


  • Bachelor of Science (Honors and Distinction), Joint Department of Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering, UNC-CH & NCSU. Project: Functional Actuation of Mandrel Formed Twisted Coiled Polymer (TCP) Muscles in Organic Temperature Ranges

Research Summary

Twisted Coiled Polymer muscle textile engineering methodologies; High density sensor arrays for prosthetic control; Mapping of high density biosensor signals to 3D anatomical models; Inexpensive prosthetic device design; Indirect calorimetry utilizing muscle pulseoximeters; Quantifiable mapping video pneumatoscopy/tympanometry; Cathemeral Renewable Energy; 3D Subneuronal Intact Brain Mapping via super resolution, deeplearning, and inpainting


Nicholas Witham researches and develops high performance sensors and actuators for assistive devices that are intuitive, affordable, and accessible.

Nicholas Witham is a 5th year biomedical engineering PhD student at the University of Utah. His specialty is the intersection between mechatronics, electrical instrumentation, and materials science. At the University of Utah, Nick has applied textile engineering methods to enable large scale manufacturing of inexpensive thermomotive polymer actuators. This actuator research has since diverged into biomimetic control for prosthetic limbs and renewable energy generators based on diurnal temperature fluctuations. He plans to continue his work through post-doctoral research and his award-winning prosthetic startup, Gaia Technologies.