Hanna E. Morzenti portrait
  • Graduate Teaching Assist (TA), College Of Social Work
  • Adjunct Faculty, College Of Social Work

Research Summary

High functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFA/ASD) and other developmental disabilities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, dual diagnosis (developmental disability and mental health diagnosis), vulnerable populations in the criminal and juvenile justice system, highly polarized political topics


  • BS, Sociology/Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin. Project: Attitudes towards Marijuana: A Survey
  • MA, Criminology, Washington State University. Project: Attitudes towards Marijuana: A Survey of CJ Employees
  • MSW, Social Work, Northwest Nazarene University. Project: The effects of pornography use on commitment and infidelity in relationships
  • PhD, Social Work, University of Utah. Project: Treatment recommendations for individuals with high functioning autism in the criminal justice system: A Delphi consensus study


Hanna E. Morzenti is an Adjunct Faculty and doctoral candidate in the College of Social Work at the University of Utah. She received undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin in 2006, an MA in Criminal Justice from Washington State University in 2008, and an MSW from Northwest Nazarene University in 2014. Along with her extensive educational experience, Hanna has nearly two decades of practice experience, including 7 years working as an LMSW. Her clinical skillset includes working with non-profit organizations and state governments to provide community-based mental health, skill building, rehabilitation, on-call crisis intervention, and conducting court-ordered evaluations. Hanna’s interdisciplinary background provided the framework for her research interests. In addition to her publications on criminal justice reform and vulnerable populations, Hanna’s dissertation research focuses on alternatives to incarceration and typical criminal justice sanctions for individuals with autism. Hanna is passionate about sharing her clinical, academic, and personal experiences to enhance the education and critical thinking skills of future social workers.