KURT WILSON portrait
  • PhD Researcher, Anthropology Department
  • Postdoc Paid Direct, Geography Department

Courses I Teach

  • Anth 5500 - Anthropology Capstone: Hidden Research Skills
    This course is intended for undergraduate students sophomore and above. The course will teach skills in how to write and research anthropologically that will enhance students’ abilities to succeed in additional upper level coursework and as they move to post-graduate work (graduate school or the workforce). The course is built around skill development in communicating research effectively, learning to break down the often confusing process of generating a research project, critical thinking, and writing. Students are encouraged to bring ongoing research they have (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Projects, projects from other courses they have taken or are taking next semester, independent study with other faculty, etc.) to the class and use those projects for this course (students without an existing project are absolutely welcome and will be coached through the process). By the end of the course students will produce a high quality written and oral communication of a piece of work they have undertaken. Capstone simply designates the course slot. The course is not designed only for graduating seniors but is truly intended to help students at any stage in their undergraduate career (sophomores and juniors will be able to apply what they do and learn in this class to future upper division courses here at the University of Utah and seniors will be able to apply the skills to post-graduate work). Deliberately the course wants to make use of other projects students are involved in to enhance those projects rather than double the workload by doing extra work.
  • Anth 6305 - Advanced North American Prehistory
    Native Americans arrived on this continent 15,000 to 30,000 years ago. Initially hunter-gatherers, they subsequently developed agriculture and civilization independent of influence from the Old World. This graduate-level course is an intensive seminar designed to provide you with a problem-based background on the pre-European history of North America, and the expertise required to develop your own course(s) on North American Prehistory and its sub-regions.