Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • MUSC 1915-007
    Lsns I Non Maj String
  • MUSC 1925-007
    Lsn I Non-Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 1945-007
    Lsns I Maj 1 String
  • MUSC 1995-007
    Lsns I Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 2915-007
    Lsns II Non Maj String
  • MUSC 2925-007
    Lsn I Non-Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 2945-007
    Lsns II Maj 1 String
  • MUSC 2995-007
    Lsns II Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 3915-007
    Lsns III Non Maj String
  • MUSC 3925-007
    Lsn I Non-Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 3945-007
    Lsns III Maj 1 String
  • MUSC 3995-007
    Lsns III Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 4915-007
    Lsns IV Non Maj String
  • MUSC 4925-007
    Lsn I Non-Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 4945-007
    Lsns IV Maj 1 String
  • MUSC 4995-007
    Lsns IV Maj 3 String
  • MUSC 6170-021
    Adv Lessons Nondegree
  • MUSC 6180-021
    Adv Lessons Major 1
  • MUSC 6181-021
    Secondary Lessons Maj I
  • MUSC 6190-021
    Adv Lessons Major 3
  • MUSC 6191-021
    Secondary Lesson Maj
  • MUSC 7190-021
    Doctoral Private Lesson
  • MUSC 7191-021
    Doc Secondary Lessons

Spring 2024

Professional Organizations

  • ICSOM (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians). 09/01/2018 - 09/01/2019. Position : Conference Co-ordinator for 2019 Conference.
  • ICSOM (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians). 09/01/2017 - 09/01/2018. Position : Alternate Delegate, Nominations Committee Chair.
  • ICSOM (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musician). 10/12/2016 - present. Position : Alternate Delegate for the Utah Symphony.
  • ICSOM (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians. 05/01/2014 - present. Position : Delegate for the Utah Symphony.

Courses I Teach

Small Group Teaching

  • For the 2019/2020 school year, I continue to offer monthly studio/performance classes. We often use this this as a technique class in group setting. I continue to act as faculty advisor for L'Alto, Viola Club @ U of U. They successfully wrote a grant and received funding for a viola technique workshop with renown violist and pedagogue Alan deVeritch.   08/24/2019  -  08/23/2020
  • Studio Classes, Faculty Adviser to L'Alto: Viola Club @ U of U I continue to offer studio/performance/masterclasses to students. I also act as Faculty Adviser to the student Viola Club. They successfully received funding for a Guest Artist to come give a lecture, masterclass, and recital. It was an incredibly succesful event.  09/01/2018  -  present
  • For the 2017/2018 school year, I am continuing studio classes for my viola students, and I have added a requirement that the students perform in studio class twice per semester. It has given opportunities for the students to improve their performing skills, increase their preparation for performances, and work through performance anxiety before important recitals and juries. We continue to do group technique as well, but less frequency this year. (The size of my teaching studio doubled, so there isn't as much time in studio classes as there used to be!) This year we've had the opportunity to include guests. A violist traveling with the touring production of "Bright Star" came and spoke to the class about how to create a successful freelancing career playing the viola. It was very informative for the class and I hope to be able to continue bringing guests as they are available. Classes are two hours in length and occur approximately every other Tuesday.  09/2017  -  09/2018
  • I have added Studio Classes to my course requirements. Private viola students are taught and perform in a group setting. I pick a topic of technique on which to focus for the class, we all work together, and then each student has an opportunity to perform for each other.  09/15/2015  -  present