Professional Service

  • American Viola Society. Role: Member at Large. I continue my 3-year term serving on the American Viola Society Board. My committee assignments continue, and I have been tasked with greater responsibilities, including Chairperson of subcommittees. I have chaired the Nominations committee, continue service on the Newsletters and Publications committees, the Orchestral Excerpts Competition committee, the Health and Wellness committee, and others. I attended the American Viola Society Festival at Oberlin College in June of 2016, where I was able to attend recitals, lectures, presentations, and where I helped assist and proctor events. 07/01/2016 - 06/30/2018
  • Utah Viola Society. Role: Treasurer, Webmaster, and Jack of all Trades in service of the viola. This year the Utah Viola Society successfully put on a Member's Only recital, implemented a new Orchestra Auditions Seminar, and had a very successful Viola Day with guest artist Patricia McCarty giving a masterclass and a Recital. As treasurer I'm in charge of making sure artists are paid, dues are brought in, and bank accounts are maintained. As a member at large I need to try to help grow our membership, and write many, many blog posts to help publicize our events. 01/01/2016 - present
  • American Viola Society. Role: Member at Large. My term as a member at large on the American Viola Society will end in July. I have continued my service on many subcommittees, including Chairing the Nominations Committee, running elections, judging online competitions, and serving as the Orchestral Matters Editor of the Journal of the American Viola Society. 08/2015 - 08/2018
  • American Viola Society. Role: Board Member at Large, Nominations committee chair, Orchestral Matters Editor for the Journal of the American Viola Society. I served on many subcommittees of the Board of the AVS. In 2018 we had a national Festival at the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles, California. I co-presented a presentation about "Writing a resume for Orchestra Auditions" and helped organize and run an Orchestra Auditions Competition and Seminar. 07/01/2014 - 07/01/2018
  • Utah Viola Society. Role: Treasurer, Webmaster, PR, Media, Organizer, General, Editor, etc. Treasurer. The board of Utah Viola Society has two elected members, so though my title is only "treasurer," my duties are far greater than simply holding the check book. Both the President and I organize and publicize our events, and moderate a group on Facebook. I started the website for UVS ( and maintain a blog of all viola activities in the state of Utah. We both help drive membership to our organization, and maintain lists of the membership. Our events have included several "Viola Days" where we present concerts by world renowned viola soloists, present masterclasses and other occasions for students to work with viola masters, organize opportunities for luthiers to show their instruments and for students to gain exposure to those instruments, we organize solo recitals, group recitals, and publicize events with which we are not involved directly but wish our membership to be informed. Our Viola Days have included presenting lecture recitals by University of Utah PHd candidates, professors at BYU, Weber State, Utah State, and the Utah Symphony. One of our missions for the Utah Viola Society is to be the “connective tissue” between all the violists in the state, from the amateur violist, to the studio teacher, to the University Professors and their students, to the full-time symphony member. 11/01/2013 - present
  • Utah Viola Society. Role: Treasurer, Secretary, Member at Large. Board Member. I have continued serving on the Utah Viola Society Board. I have maintained the checking accounts, and have maintained the UVS blog. ( I have published interviews with several important members of the viola community, helped plan events, masterclasses, and concerts, engaged students and adults in lifelong love of the viola. 11/01/2013 - present
  • Utah Viola Society. The Utah Viola Society has presented successful masterclasses, recitals, and Viola Days for the Utah Viola Society. This fall we hosted Utah Symphony Brant Bayless in a masterclass and concert with his trio, the Teton Trio. In February we presented a successful member's recital. 11/01/2013 - present


  • American Viola Society (AVS), Board Member at Large, 07/01/2015 - 06/30/2018
  • Utah Viola Society (UVS), Treasurer, 09/01/2013 - present