Eric G. Poitras

Curriculum Vitae

Eric G. Poitras portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology


Research Summary

The research projects conducted in the Advanced Instructional Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) laboratory examine the role of interactive learning technologies in fostering skill development across disciplines. These involve an interdisciplinary team, consisting of educational psychologists, computer scientists, instructors, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as domain experts. To learn more about the lab and opportunities for collaboration, visit us at:

Research Groups

  • Advanced Instructional Systems and Technology, Research Professor. 08/2014 - present.
  • Learning Environments Across Disciplines (LEADS), Research Professor. 08/2014 - present. Awards/Scholarships/Stipends: 2017 Outstanding International Research Collaboration Award sponsored by the Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning Sig of the American Educational Research Association.

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • The ASSIST lab includes two Cybertron Hellion PCs with 3.5GHz six-core processors and 16GB DDR3 RAM memory with 1TB of storage with an additional 26TB of external storage capacity as well as GeForce GT 640 2GB video cards. The workstations are equipped with low-cost sensors and SDK/API support for developing learner modeling solutions that leverage sensor data from multiple modalities, including self-report measures, physiological responses (NeuLog HR and GSR), biomechanics (Kinnect V2 and Xtion Pro Live), facial expressions (Logitech C920), eye fixation and movement patterns (Eye Tribe Tracker), audio signal processing (CAD U37 Studio Mics), as well as mouse cursor movements and user interaction data (Camtasia screen-recordings and log-file databases). The laboratory also relies on software applications built as tools for researchers to facilitate data collection and analysis, including the nParser, nSimulator, and mObserver applications.

Software Titles

  • Teacher Professional Development Portal. A Learning Management System designed for educators to acquire skills through software simulations built as SCORM compliant eLearning modules. The platform logs user interactions, which are mined by researchers to discover knowledge in relation to learning processes and outcomes. The eLearning modules can also target a broad variety of skills that are useful to teachers, including classroom management practices. Release Date: 05/01/2016.