TANYA L. FLORES portrait
  • Fulbright Scholars supervisor, World Languages and Cultures
  • Associate Chair, World Languages and Cultures
  • Bridge Program dept rep, World Languages and Cultures
  • Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures

Research Keywords

  • Sociophonetics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Research Methods/Statistics
  • Phonetics
  • Laboratory Phonology
  • Gender Issues
  • Bilingualism & Biliteracy


  • Sommer, Chelsea; C Cummings; C Romero; E Caceres; S.H. Pollard; M Stevens; T Flores; and K Chapman. Speech Characteristics in Peruvian Monolingual Spanish-Speaking Children with and without Cleft Palate. Cleft Congress. Edinburgh, Scotland. Presentation, Presented, 07/2022.
  • Japañol. Transnational Asia Conference. Salt Lake Community College. Presentation, Presented, 03/31/2022.
  • Translanguage approach to intonation of advanced Japanese-Spanish bilinguals. Paradigm Shifts Virtual conference, SECOL 2021. University of Houston. May 13-15, 2021. Presentation, Presented, 05/14/2021.
  • A syntactic-prosodic analysis of focalizing ‘ser.’ With C.D. Mendez Vallejo. Acoustics Virtually Everywhere (Virtual Conference). Poster, Presented, 12/10/2020.
  • Phoneme production by Hispanic hard-of-hearing children. Poster. 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Victoria, BC, Canada. November 5-9, 2018. Poster, Presented, 11/2018.
  • Characterizing speech production of bilingual hard of hearing children. 47th meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest. Provo, Utah. October 11-13, 2018. Presentation, Presented, 10/2018.
  • A sociolinguistic account of Japanese-Spanish bilinguals. International Sociolinguistics Symposium 22. Auckland, New Zealand. June 27-30, 2018. Presentation, Presented, 06/2018.
  • Pitch accents in the Spanish of Japanese-Spanish bilinguals. Poster. 172nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Honolulu, HI. November 28-December 2, 2016. Poster, Presented, 12/01/2016.
  • Lexical Frequency effects in Chilean /tʃ/ fronting. Panel: Romance Linguistics. Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. Salt Lake City, UT. Presentation, Presented, 10/08/2016.
  • Same vs. opposite-sex accommodation in digital media speech. Invited Panelist for Gender effects in Speech Production and Perception. 171st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Salt Lake City, UT. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 05/25/2016.
  • Verb-morphology mixing in Japañol. With Aja Swalberg. 10th annual Cornell University Linguistics Colloquium. Ithaca, NY. Poster, Presented, 04/18/2016.
  • Spanish-Japanese code-switching. With Aja Swalberg. University of Utah Student Conference in Linguistics. Salt Lake City, UT. Presentation, Presented, 04/08/2016.
  • Socio-phonetics, Linguistic Prestige, and Media Speech. Capstone course presentation. Dept. of Linguistics, University of Utah. Other, Presented, 03/27/2015.
  • Accommodating to Stereotypes. Research and Community Colloquium. Dept. of Linguistics, University of Utah. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 03/12/2015.
  • Palatalization of /x/ in Chilean Spanish media speech. Presentation, Presented, 12/05/2014.
  • Accommodating to Stereotypes. Workshop on Sound Change Actuation. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. April 17-18, 2013. Poster, Presented, 04/2013.
  • A socio-phonetic study on the relationship between /tr/ and /tʃ/ variation in Chilean Spanish. 18th Mid-Continental Phonetics & Phonology Conference. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. March 22-24, 2013. Presentation, Presented, 03/22/2013.
  • Variation of the /tr/ cluster in Chilean Public Speech. New Ways of Analyzing Variation 41 (NWAV). Bloomington, IN. October 25-28, 2012. Presentation, Presented, 10/2012.
  • La entonación noticiera de la República Dominicana. With Dr. Erik Willis. XVI Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de la América Latina (ALFAL). Alcalá de Henares, Spain. June 6-9, 2011. Presentation, Presented, 06/2011.
  • Rhotic Variants in Northern Catalan. With Olga Scrivner. Minority Languages in Europe: Success and Challenges. Bloomington, IN. October 7-9, 2010. Presentation, Presented, 10/2010.
  • The acquisition of final boundary tones of pronominal interrogatives in a study abroad context in Zacatecas, Mexico. With Janet M. Smith & Chris Davidson. Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology conference. Provo, UT. September 23-25, 2010. Presentation, Presented, 09/2010.
  • Sibilants in Chinese Immigrant Spanish. Seventh Annual Graduate Student Conference on Luso-Brazilian and Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, and Culture. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. March 25, 2010. Presentation, Presented, 03/2010.
  • Velar Palatalization in Chilean Spanish. The XII Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium at Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. April 24-25, 2009. Presentation, Presented, 04/2009.
  • Palatalization of /x/ in Chilean Spanish. 11th Annual Women in Science Research Conference. Office for Women’s Affairs, Indiana University. Bloomington, IN. March 6, 2009. Poster, Presented, 03/06/2009.

Research Groups

  • Junior Faculty Research group, Research Professor. WLC. 08/2018 - 05/2022.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Teaching the Teachers: COVID-era language instruction . PI: Tanya Flores. Dee Fellows, 07/2022 - 06/2023. Total project budget to date: $7,500.00
  • Education for Hard of Hearing families. PI: Flores, Tanya. University Community-Based Research Program Grant , 06/2018 - 06/2019. Total project budget to date: $10,000.00
  • University Research Committee Faculty Research & Creative Grant. PI: Tanya Flores. URC, 08/2017 - 05/2019. Total project budget to date: $6,000.00

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • Hispanic hard of hearing children. PI: Tanya Flores. 08/2017 - 05/2020.
  • Japanese-Spanish Bilinguals and Japoñol. PI: Tanya Flores. 08/2015 - 05/2019.


  • Spanish, fluent.
  • Catalan, basic.
  • Japanese, basic.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Spain
  • Japan


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