Brandon R. Peterson

Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

Brandon R. Peterson portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Philosophy


Research Summary

Peterson's research focuses on the history of Christian doctrine, specifically focusing on the fields of Christology and soteriology (his publications in this area have focused on the theologies of Karl Rahner and Thomas Aquinas, in particular). He also researches and publishes on the event of the Second Vatican Council.

Research Statement

Research plans for the near future involve modern Christian thought as well as interreligious topics. Regarding the former, Peterson has undertaken an English translation of Rahner’s “E latere Christi” (1936), is in the midst of developing an article on Rahner’s identity as a ressourcement theologian, co-authoring a book on Christian soteriologies, and is planning a monograph on contemporary retrievals of person-centered theories of atonement. Regarding the latter, he plans to continue researching Christian-Jewish dialogue and covenantal plurality as well as the viability of inclusivist paradigms for Christian theology of religions.

Research Keywords

  • World Religions, Interest Level: 4
  • Thomas Aquinas, Interest Level: 5
  • Second Vatican Council, Interest Level: 5
  • Religious Studies, Interest Level: 4
  • Karl Rahner, Interest Level: 5
  • Jewish-Christian Relations, Interest Level: 5
  • Interreligious Dialogue, Interest Level: 4
  • History of Christianity, Interest Level: 5
  • Christology and Soteriology, Interest Level: 5
  • Catholic Theology, Interest Level: 5