Research Summary

I am interested in using GIS and spatial methods to understand and solve a variety of public health problems. My current research covers four major topics: mobile health, environmental exposure, access to healthcare, and health disparities. More information of my research could be found at the website of the Utah Geo-Health Lab (


  • Ph.D., Geography, Texas State University-San Marcos
  • M.S., Cartography and GIS, Wuhan University
  • B.S., Geodesy, Wuhan University


Neng Wan is an Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Utah Geo-Health Lab at the University of Utah. His research is about applying GIS and spatial methods to understand public health and environmental health problems. His current research projects include smartphone-based aging research, health consequences of pesticide exposure, access to health care, and health disparities. His research has been published in a variety of GIS and medical/health geography journals. His teaching interests include medical/health geography, GIS, and environmental health.