Aaron J. Fischer, PhD, BCBA-D portrait
  • Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychiatry

Research Summary

Dr. Fischer is currently collaborating with several colleagues at the University of Utah and other universities, University of Utah students, and local school administrators to facilitate his research agenda. If you are interested in collaborating on research, joining his research team, or in pursuing a graduate degree (i.e., Ed.S. or Ph.D.) in school psychology at the University of Utah, please contact Dr. Fischer by email.


  • Ph.D., School Psychology, Louisiana State University
  • M.A., School Psychology, Louisiana State University
  • B.A., Psychology, University of Miami


Dr. Fischer has been working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and individuals with social-emotional and behavioral problems, and their families, for over 15 years. He graduated from the University of Miami, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and worked as a research coordinator at the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities.  Dr. Fischer completed his master’s and doctoral degree in school psychology at Louisiana State University.  Before arriving at the University of Utah in 2014, he completed his predoctoral internship in clinical psychology at the May Institute in Massachusetts.  His internship and graduate work focused on providing evidence-based practices in schools, hospitals, and mental health clinics to children with disabilities and their families.  Specifically, Dr. Fischer’s clinical interests concentrate on culturally responsive assessment and treatment to support children and adolescents with social-emotional and behavioral concerns, as well as providing consultation support and training to caregivers and educators. As such, his scholarship is considerably influenced by his applied work in those areas.  Currently, Dr. Fischer is the Dee Endowed Professor of school psychology and adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry. He serves as the director the University of Utah Technology in Training, Education, and Consultation (U-TTEC) Lab, Utah School Mental Health Collaborative, and Huntsman Mental Health Institute HOME interdisciplinary pediatric feeding disorders clinic. Additionally, Dr. Fischer is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Other Profile Data

Dr. Fischer’s research interests follow two distinct lines of inquiry that are directly applicable to the field of school psychology. First, he is interested in creating and evaluating effective strategies for psychologists engaging in consultation, while incorporating cutting-edge technology.  Broadly, he is evaluating teleconsultation as a strategy to conserve school resources and remotely consult with teachers and caregivers.  Within the teleconsultation framework, he is currently evaluating virtual reality simulation and other contemporary technology enhanced training to improve the fidelity of interventions educators implement with students. Dr. Fischer’s second line of research lies in evaluating and advancing evidence-based interventions for children and adolescents with an ASD and their families (i.e., parent training).  Currently, he is evaluating behavioral parent-training programs and parent-provided behavioral feeding interventions through teleconsultation.