Keith Diaz Moore portrait
  • Associate Provost, Institutional Design & Strategy, Svpaa-Academics
  • Professor, School Of Architecture

Professional Organizations

  • AIA. 01/01/2017 - present. Position : Member.
  • Gerontological Society of America. 01/01/2017 - present. Position : Member.
  • EDRA. 01/01/2017 - present. Position : Member.
  • ARCC. 01/01/2017 - present. Position : Member.

Pedagogical Publications

  • Diaz Moore, K. (2018). “A Place-based Ethic of Care: The Beginnings of the Utah School” in A. Amiri & R. O’Neal Dagg (Eds.), The Ethical Imperative: Proceedings of the 2018 ACSA Annual Meeting. Washington, DC: ACSA. Paper published, 10/2018.
  • Diaz Moore, K. & Geboy, L. (2010).The Question of Evidence: Current Worldviews in Environmental Design Research and Practice. Architectural Research Quarterly, 14(2), p.105-114. Paper published, 06/2010.
  • Diaz Moore, K. (2006).“Place-telling,” Places,18(3), pp.33-36. Paper published, 09/2006.
  • Diaz Moore, K. (2005). “Transcending Boundaries, Exploring New Territory: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Design Studio.” In J. Erdman & P. del Real (Eds.), Territorial Practices: Proceedings of the ACSA SE Regional Meeting. Clemson, SC: School of Architecture. Paper published, 10/2005.
  • Diaz Moore, K. (2001). "The Scientist, the Social Activist, the Cleric and the Practitioner: Pedagogical exploration toward a pedagogy of practice." Journal of Architectural and Planning Research,18(1), p. 59-79. Paper published, 04/2001.
  • Diaz Moore, K. (1997). "Building Community: An agenda without agency," in N. Crowe (Ed.), Architecture, the city, and community: Proceedings of the ACSA East Central Regional Meeting, Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame (pp.35-44). Paper published, 10/1997.