Mike Timothy Wall portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), School Of Dance


  • BFA, Music/Jazz Piano Performance, Rutgers University


       Mike Wall is an internationally recognized composer, performer and educator. Mike collaborates with dancers, choreographers and filmmakers from around the world. His recent projects were with Bebe Miller, Pearson/Widrig Dance Theater, Alvin Ailey II with Jennifer Archinbald, Darren Morze and Andre Constantini. Michael has worked at Rutgers University, Princeton University, NYU, The Ohio State University, The Bates Dance Festival and The American Dance Festival. A strong believer in digital distribution of music, Mike has worked for the last 7 years to make music created specifically for dance available for students, teachers and choreographers globally. His most recent project, soundFORMovement.com, provides a large range of music in a variety of meters and tempos in a "Pay What You Can" model. Mike believes that making a strong diverse collection available in an open pricing structure will encourage growth in music made for movement. He is excited to be in Salt Lake City, UT and looks forward to many years inspired by the mountains here.