PHD Candidate, Department of Economics
  • PHD Candidate in Economics, Economics Department
  • Graduate Teaching Asst (E), Economics Department
  • Graduate Instructor, Economics Department

Current Courses

Fall 2018

  • ECON 4010-001
    Intermed Microecon
    Location: SFEBB 3170 (SFEBB 3170)
  • ECON 6010-001
    Location: SFEBB 3170 (Spencer Fox Eccles Busn Bldg)

Summer 2018

Courses I Teach

  • 2010-011 - Principles of Microeconomics
    The objective of the course is to help students build an understanding of the basic concepts of microeconomics.
  • 4010 - Intermediate Microeconomics
    This is a three-credit condensed course in microeconomic theory. We will mainly study the neoclassical principles of resource allocation. Topics include the theory of consumer behavior, Game Theory, the theory of the firm, introduction to General Equilibrium, and the theory of market structures. The pre-requisites of the course are College Algebra and Principles of Economics 2010, 2020 and Math for Econ 3620. This Course emphasizes a deeper understanding of mathematical issues, so it is considered to be one of the difficult courses in undergraduate economics. This is a Quantitative Intensive (IQ) course that fulfills University’s IQ requirement.