• Associate Instructor, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Current Courses

Spring 2024

  • CSD 5450-001
    Clinical Methods in Aud

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy for teaching is to assist all students under my supervision in becoming the clinicians they aspire to be.  I believe there is more than one approach to patient-centered care, and once foundational skills have been acquired there are many ways to provide treatment via an empathetic, evidence-based practice model.  Hearing healthcare is not a one-size fits all model, and in order to best provide service to persons with hearing loss and enhance hearing and communication skills, clinicians must actively listen to patient concerns and understand personal motivations to hear and communicate better.  My intention in my clinical supervision role is to provide students with the foundational knowledge, skills, and confidence they need in order to provide hearing-healthcare services for patients in our community in a way that is relevant and meaningful to each individual. 


Courses I Teach

  • CSD 6720 - Clinical Internship Audiology
    Supervised clinical internship in University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. The University of Utah Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders requires training of audiology graduate students in a minimum of 100 clinical/contact hours spent in on-campus clinical experiences for a Doctorate of Audiology Degree and for ASHA certification. This course provides graduate audiology students with clinical practicum at the University of Utah Speech-Language-Hearing clinic provided by persons holding the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence.