Thomas E Lane portrait
  • Adjunct Professor, Pathology
  • Professor, Pathology


  • Cell replacement therapies for promoting remyelination in a viral model of multiple sclerosis, Dept. Neurology, University of Utah. Other, Presented, 11/2014.
  • Neural stem cells and repair in a viral model of demyelination. Grand Rounds, Dept. Neurology, USC Keck School of Medicine. Other, Presented, 05/2011.
  • The therapeutic potential of stem cells for treatment of MS. Session Chair – Strategies for Neuroprotection and Repair, Dallas, TX. Other, Other, 01/2011.
  • The functional role of chemokines and chemokine receptors in disease and repair in a viral model of demyelination. Grand Rounds, Dept. Neurology, U. Colorado, School of Medicine. Other, Presented, 05/2010.
  • Session Chair – Nervous System Infections, 9th International Congress of Neuroimmunology, Fort Worth, TX. Other, Other, 10/2008.
  • Are Chemokines Relevant Targets for Therapy in Treating Neuroinflammatory Diseases? – Grand Rounds, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Other, Presented, 06/2006.
  • The T cell chemokine CXCL10 and Viral-Induced Demyelination – Grand Rounds, UCSD Dept. Neurology. Other, Presented, 05/2006.
  • Chemokines and Viral-Induced Neurologic Disease: Relevant Targets for Therapy? UC Irvine, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease – Grand Rounds. Other, Presented, 05/2005.


  • Blanc, C.A., J.J. Grist, H. Rosen, I. Sears-Kraxberger, O. Steward, and T.E. Lane (2015). S1P receptor antagonism enhances proliferation and migration of engrafted neural progenitor cells in a model of viral-induced demyelination. Am. J. Path. 185(10):2819-32. (Selected as Editor’s Choice article). Published, 10/2015.
  • Herzm J., P. Sabellek, T.E. Lane, M. Gunzer, D.M. Hermann, and T.R. Doeppner (2015). Role of neutrophils in exacerbation of brain injury after focal cerebral ischemia in hyperlipidemic mice. Stroke, 46(10):2916-25. Published, 10/2015.