Matthew Tyler James Brownlee, Ph.D. portrait
  • Coordinator of the Natural Resources Recreation Planning and Management emphasis area, Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  • Affiliate Faculty, Global Change and Sustainability Center

Courses I Teach

  • PRT 3207 - Management in PRT
    Systematic approach to management in the PRT industry. Students analyze contemporary issues and practices, and trends that transform the way employees in the hospitality industry are managed.
  • PRT 5420/6420 - Ecology and Management of Wildland Recreation
    Explores ecological systems and practices management of physical and social aspects of public lands. Physical impacts to soil, water, plants, and wildlife are examines in light of recreation activities and efforts by land managers and citizens to ameliorate these effects. Prerequisite: PRT 3500
  • PRT 5960/5960 - Sustainable Tourism and Protected Area Management
    A critical examination of the confluence between sustainable tourism planning and protected area management.
  • PRT 5965/6965 - On-site Policy Analysis
    On-site experiences include interviews with stakeholder groups, recreation managers, and government representatives. On-campus experiences include empirical policy analysis based on systems modeling, coordination of process of development of policy recommendations from students, and provision of feedback to stakeholder groups.
  • PRT 6010 - Intro to Behavioral Science Foundations in PRT
    An examination of leisure and recreation behavior from psychological and sociological perspectives. Prerequisite: Graduate students.
  • PRT 6800 - Seminar in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
    Seminar in graduate research