DENNY BERRY portrait
  • Head, Musical Theater Program, Theatre Department
  • Assistant Professor, Theatre Department

Creative Research

  • Met with Cynthia Flemming of SALT LAKE ACTING COMPANY to discuss directing a musical for them Performance, in progress 12/2016.
  • I held an AEA required Dance Call for replacement dancers for the Broadway Produciton of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Choreography, completed 07/17/2016.
  • Held an AUDITION WORKSHOP for PROCTOR's SCHOOL in Albany NY. Performance, completed 07/2016.
  • Taught the roles of Raoul and Christine, prinicpal parts, in The PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to Jordan Danica and Ali Ewoldt. Performance, completed 06/2016.
  • Was flown by Stage Entertainment, the German Producer, to Oberhausen Germany to work on the German production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Choreography, completed 05/2016.
  • I was asked by the Univ. Of Utah School of Music's opera workshop to choreograph their production of Die Fledermaus Performance, completed 04/2016.
  • Oversaw a Put-in Rehearsal for a new Mmd. Giry and Piangi for the Broadway production. Principal put-in rehearsal Performance, completed 03/25/2016.
  • Worked with Gillian Lynne on a new choreographic section of Masquerade for the BROADWAY production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Performance, completed 03/16/2016.
  • Held two EQUITY required Dance Call for The Phantom Of the Opera Jan 22, 2016 and July 2016 to replace dancers in the Broadway Production of the show Choreography, completed 01/22/2016.
  • I auditioned, cast and taught the new cast the original choreography and musical Staging for the Oberhausen, production of DAS PHANTOM DER OPER. Choreography, completed 11/09/2015.
  • I auditioned, taught and coached 2 new principal actors for the Broadway production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Choreography, completed 08/13/2015.
  • I taught the original choreography for the opening of the 2nd Act of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in Herald Square in Manhattan, NY to the general public. Choreography, completed 07/09/2015.
  • I conducted 2 OPEN Required by ACTOR's EQUITY UNION Auditions for dancers of the industry, in July and January. Choreography, completed 07/2015.
  • I coached and taught THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to the current playing Phantom, James Barbour Choreography, completed 03/2015.
  • Working with the other supervisors, as well as, Hal Prince and Cameron MacIntosh, I cast, taught and coached 5 new principals, including 2 Phantoms and 3 Christines into the Broadway production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Performance, completed 12/12/2014.
  • I directed a 30 minute original musical for the German Premier Production of the internationally acclaimed 24 HOUR MUSICAL Performance, completed 11/03/2014.
  • My German 2013 production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was extended for a year and I participated in the RECASTING process for this show. Performance, completed 11/2014.
  • I was nominated and represented Gillian Lynne as the Choreographer for Andrew Lloyd Webber/Hal Prince production of The Phantom of The Opera in Hamburg, Germany Choreography, completed 11/26/2013.


  • Audition Workshop at Proctor's Academy in Albany NY . Other, Presented, 07/2016.


  • Lady Chatterley's Lover, the Musical. Denny Berry, Steven Yuhasz, Brian Feinstein, 07/2012. A musical theater adaption of the D.H. Lawrence novel of the same name.
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover, The Musical. Brian Feinstein, Steven Yuhasz, 07/2012. The work and copyright on this musical is continuing anew this year.


  • German, functional.
    LIved and worked in the Deustch Sprechigerraum for 10 years....I can make myself understood and can understand spoken German. Written German tenses take longer.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Argentina
    I set Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in Buenos Aires in 2008.
  • Brazil
    I set ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER'S THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for his Really Useful Company in Sao Paulo in 2006.
  • Germany
    I have worked often in Germany. in 2013 I set a production of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA which in Fall 2015 will move from Hamburg to Oberhausen.
  • Spain
    I set Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in Madrid for his Really Useful Company in 2003.


  • Denny Berry Three Islands Press is editing for publication the Textbook I have written for the audition course I have initiated at the University of Utah based on masterclass work from independant workshops given in NYC. I am the lead author...Denny Berry. In progress, 12/2016.