Megan R Bartley portrait
  • Grad Assist - Rsrch Focus (GR), Anthropology Department


  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, University of Utah
  • Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Utah
  • Master of Science, Anthropology, University of Utah


Megan Bartley was raised by the Jim Henson Company. Growing up on Sesame Street, among her furry Muppet siblings, Megan developed a strong moral compass, commitment to education, undying enthusiasm for the underdog, and a deep love of music. (Rumor has it, she wept like a baby when she saw Ray Charles perform “It’s Not Easy Being Green” live at Abravanel Hall.) She loves spending quality time with her cello, lovingly named "Cello Biafra." Megan also loves spending time in the mountains and deserts of Utah. She is known to disappear on occasion for much appreciated bikepacking trips. On the rare occasions when she commutes by car rather than bicycle, you can guarantee it's because she is dragging around skis, snowboards, or kayaks to her next destination. Or, she was runing late.