Sarah Hollenberg portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Art/Art History Department
  • Assistant Professor Lecturer, Art/Art History Department


  • Speaker, “Post-Colonial Identities and the Dream of Universality at the United Nations” Iconoclasm to Heritage: Visual Culture and the Concept of World Heritage, Visual Studies Research Institute, University of Southern California. , Presented, 2018.
  • Broken Telephone: The Creative Potential of Signal Decay, Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Montreal, (October, 2016). Co-Chair with Andrew Kear. , Presented, 2016.
  • College Art Association Session: Good Business is the Best Art: Corporate, Commercial and Business Models as Medium, co-chair with Virginia Solomon, CAA Annual Conference, February 2015. , Presented, 2015.
  • “’Altar to the God of All’: Architecture, Faith, and International Modernism at the United Nations,” in Processing Ecology: The Systematic Design of Environments after WWII, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. , Presented, 2018.
  • “Regionalism and Decolonization at the United Nations, 1952-1970” Regionalism in the Global Era, College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles. , Presented, 2018.
  • “Compromise and Renewal: Recreating the Triadic Ballet for Television” Duet with the Camera: Dance and the Still and Moving Image, Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Banff. , Presented, 2017.
  • “Art at the United Nations: The Troubled Aesthetics of Utopian Modernism” The Role of the Visual Arts in North American 20th- and 21st- Century Cultural Diplomacy, Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Montreal. , Presented, 2016.
  • “And We’re Live in 3...2...1...: How Television Shaped Art in the Late 20th Century”, in Improvisation in Contemporary Art: To Read Things Forward. At Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Halifax, November, 2015. , Presented, 2015.


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