Wade M. Cole portrait
  • Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Current Courses

Spring 2018

  • SOC 3422-001
    Social Movements
    Location: BEH S 102 (Social & Behavioral Science Bl)
  • SOC 3877-001
    Senior Thesis 1
  • SOC 4894-001
    Peer Advising
  • SOC 6965-001
    Social Movements
  • SOC 7910-003
    Research Project

Fall 2017

Teaching Philosophy

Sociology gives people a new way of seeing the world, albeit a world that cannot really be “seen” at all. Powerful microscopes and telescopes enable physical scientists to unlock the secrets of atoms and peer deep into the universe, but sociologists seek to explain no less than what people do and why they do it. Although the social forces that shape our thoughts, our behaviors, and our interactions with others cannot always be observed, they nevertheless become acutely visible to the trained eye. Sociology provides that training and offers suggestions about where to look, helping people to understand a bit better than before the world around them and their individual places within it.