XINBO YANG portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Metallurgical Engineering

Research Statement

My research area is mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, with specific interests in: 1. Rare earth element and critical material extraction and purification; 2. Integration of biotechnologies and chemical extraction; 3. Mine waste management and environmental protection; 4. Strategic material sourcing, mining, and recycling.

Research Keywords

  • biohydrometallurgy
  • Mineral Processing
  • Metallurgical Extractive Processes
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Coal Preparation


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  • Nawab, A. & Yang, X., Honaker, R. (2022). An acid baking approach to enhance heavy rare earth recovery from bituminous coal-based sources. Minerals Engineering. Published, 06/2022.
  • Nawab, A. & Yang, X., Honaker, R. (2022). Parametric study and speciation analysis of rare earth precipitation using oxalic acid in a chloride solution system. Minerals Engineering. Published, 01/01/2022.