Max Adams portrait
  • Adjunct Instructor, Film & Media Arts Department


  • "The Night I Shot Johnny Valentine," a contribution to the fantasy anthology "Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok". Max Adams, Patricia Burroughs, 02/14/2017.
  • The New Screenwriter's Survival Guide; Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics & Other Acts of War. Max Adams, 12/01/2013. The new and updated version of Max Adams original published book The Screenwriter's Survival Guide, original publication 2001.


  • The New Screenwriter's Survival Guide is an updated and expanded edition of Max Adams' original publication, The Screenwriter's Survival Guide. The New Screenwriter's Survival Guide is 65 chapters addressing the business side of screenwriting, containing subjects ranging from pitching to submissions to dealing with business affairs to how to find and when to fire an agent and what the Writer's Guild can, and cannot, do for a film writer. Released, 12/01/2013.