Michael P. Blacketer portrait
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Parks, Recreation & Tourism


  • Bachelor of Arts, Community and Environmental Planning, University of Washington
  • Master of Arts, Ecological Planning and Design, Conway School of Landscape Design


Michael Blacketer is a doctoral student in the University of Utah's Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. His academic interests lie along the intersections of environmental resource interpretation, landscape planning and design, ecological recreation, and urban nature recreation. 

A graduate of the Conway School of Landscape Design and the University of Washington, Michael has formally studied ecology and landscape architecture as well as urban, neighborhood, and interpretive planning. Trying always to see the big picture, Michael seeks creative solutions to diverse challenges and strives to blur the lines between entertainment and education through thoughtful analysis, responsive design, and meaningful community involvement.

Michael is the the sole proprietor of Salient Landing Ecological Planning and Design and is currently managing a small native upland restoration project adjacent to the Jordan River in South Salt Lake City, UT.