• Research Associate Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training

Research Statement

Through my studies and those of others it is clear that the severe physical limitations and many symptoms of fatigue and weakness experienced by patients with kidney disease can be improved with exercise training. The mechanisms of limitations have not been fully identified, but sarcopenia and resulting muscle dysfunction contribute, as well as abnormal cardiac responses to exercise may contribute.  I am interested in the physiologic limitations to exercise in patients with kidney disease, but am also interested in how to best incorporate counselling and encouragement for increased physical activity within the health care setting of dialysis and after transplant.

Research Keywords

  • implementation of research into practice
  • Physical activity interventions
  • Frailty interventions
  • Exercise training
  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Cardiac responses to exercise


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  • European Society of Transplantation (Transplant Athlete Symposium) Geneva, Switzerland. Invited Talk/Keynote, Other, 10/20/2005.


  • English, fluent.


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