UDITA GUPTA portrait
  • Associate Director , Urban Institute for Teacher Education
  • Adjunct Instructor, Educational Psychology
  • Associate Professor (Clinical), Urban Institute for Teacher Education


  • Dr. Udita Gupta & Dr. Robert Zheng (2020). Cognitive Load in Solving Mathematics Problems: Validating the Role of Motivation and the Interaction Among Prior Knowledge, Worked Examples and Task Difficulty. European Journal of STEM Education. Vol. 5(1), 14. Published, 11/23/2020.
  • Udita Gupta (2019). Interplay of Germane Load and Motivation During Math Problem Solving using Worked Examples. Educational Research: Theory and Practice. Accepted, 01/18/2019.
  • Burbank, M. & Bates, A., Gupta, U. (2016). The Influence of Teacher Development on Secondary Content Area Supervision among Preservice Teachers. The Teacher Educator. Vol. 51, 55-69. Published, 09/30/2016.
  • Zheng, R., Udita, G., & Dewald, A. (2012). Does the format of pretraining matter? A study on the effects of different pretraining approaches on prior knowledge construction in an online environment. International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning, 2(2), 35-47. Published, 08/2012.

Research Keywords

  • Reflective Practices
  • Professional Development
  • Pre-service and In-Service Teachers
  • Mentoring Models
  • Math Education
  • Internationalization of Curriculum
  • Global Competencies


  • Collaborative Mentoring: A Qualitative Study on In-Service Teacher Training. Other, Accepted, 11/10/2023.
  • Sense of Value and Belonging via Unit Plan Development. Other, Accepted, 10/27/2023.
  • Field Rotations: Fostering a Sense of Value and Belonging in Pre-Service Teachers. Other, Accepted, 10/27/2023.
  • Coaching and Mentoring in Teacher Education Programs. Presentation, Presented, 03/12/2023.
  • Making Your ELL Instruction Count: Practice and Reflection Based Approach for Pre-Service Teachers. Poster Presentation at Carnegie Foundation Summit, San Francisco, USA. Other, Accepted, 04/17/2020.
  • Reflective Practices in Teacher Education. Poster Presentation at Carnegie Foundation Summit, San Francisco, USA. Other, Accepted, 04/17/2020.
  • How Reflective Practices Impact Secondary Pre-Service Teachers? Presentation at Association for Teacher Education (ATE), Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 02/14/2020.
  • Reflective Practices in Higher Education. Presentation, Presented, 08/12/2019.
  • “Mirror! Mirror! What is Reflection?” . Other, Accepted, 07/12/2019.
  • How critical is the role of prior knowledge and element interactivity in math? Presentation, Accepted, 01/04/2019.
  • This was a poster presentation. Topic: Interplay of Germane Load and Motivation During Math Problem Solving using Worked Examples. Conference: Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association (NRMERA) . Presentation, Presented, 10/17/2018.
  • Gupta, U., Zheng, R. (March 2017). Managing Cognitive Load during Complex Learning: A Study on Worked Examples and Element Interactivity. Poster Presentation at International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) Annual Conference. Vienna, Austria. Presentation, Presented, 03/23/2017.
  • Zheng, R., Butcher, K., Callister, P., & Gupta, U. (2011). Strategies for Increasing Student Learning with Online Videos: Findings from a NetSafe Study. Presentation at Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET) Annual Conference. Sandy, UT. Presentation, Presented, 03/2011.

Research Groups

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • En Route to Building a Collaborative and Reflective Mentoring Community. PI: Udita Gupta. Deans Office , 07/27/2021 - 04/30/2022. Total project budget to date: $5,000.00

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • Site Teacher Mentoring & Development Program (STMDP). PI: Udita Gupta. Co-PI(s): Kerry Herman. 08/26/2022 - 04/28/2023.
  • UITE-CONNECT . PI: Udita Gupta. 08/23/2022 - present.
  • PSTs readiness during COVID-19 in (a) developing parent-teacher communication and partnership and (b) collaboration with other cohort members. PI: Dr. Udita Gupta. Co-PI(s): NA. 11/27/2020 - 04/09/2021.
  • Impact of Pre-Service Teachers’ Networks on Reflection Skills. PI: Dr. Udita Gupta. Co-PI(s): NA. 11/06/2020 - 04/09/2021.


  • English, fluent.
  • Hindi, fluent.
  • Sanskrit, basic.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Bhutan
  • Finland
  • India
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Singapore