• DNP, Public Health/Community Health Nursing, Chatham University. Project: A Culturally- Congruent Education Group: An Evidence-based Approach to Improve Prenatal Care Utilization
  • MS Teaching Nursing; Gerontology Graduate Certificate, Nursing, University of Utah. Project: Exploring the Role of the Nurse Educator in Implementing a Comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control Program in Behavioral Healthcare
  • BS, Nursing, University of the Philippines, Diliman


Jenneth B. Doria's professional career spans over three decades of nursing practice in acute medical and behavioral health care settings where she took care of individuals and families across the lifespan. From a small community hospital in Hawaii where she immigrated right after graduation to pursue 'matters of the heart,' her professional life has been deeply enriched by working with diverse populations in various practice settings (PACU, medical-surgical, OB, pediatrics, same-day surgery, mental health, and community health). At a point in her life and career when advancing to a higher level was very trepidating, she pursued graduate school to be a nurse educator. She believes that being a nurse educator can positively impact  patient care by preparing competent and compassionate future nurses.  She is very grateful to be able to integrate her role as an educator with being a change agent among minorities and underserved populations. She believes that nursing influence extends beyond hospital walls because it can be utilized to improve the quality of life of people both locally and abroad.

Career Highlights

Being a nursing educator, a nursing college newsletter and nursing alumni organization editor,  a bedside nurse for over 30 years, a social entrepreneur, and a change agent in the lives of the poor and the needy in the Philippines