• Associate Instructor, Honors College


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  • Swedish, fluent.

Research Statement

Queer Ecology

Queer theory and behavioral ecology walk into a bar. The discursive turn meets the meat—minds versus matter(ing). I’m interested in constructing a theoretical platform whereon queer theorists such as Lee Edelman, Jack Halberstam, and Kathryn Stockton are marooned with some of the greats in behavioral ecology, Susan Gowaty, Kristen Hawkes and Sarah Hrdy—the Darwinian feminists meet the gender atheists.

I’m thinking of some big questions to ask. How do nonprocreative bodies find themselves as mythic figures within social narratives and to what ecological ends could those figural positions be of some benefit?  How are queer bodies becoming integral participants in human ecological and cultural ontologies?      


Research Keywords

  • queer cultural ecology, English literature and film, critical theory, queer theory, ecocriticism), philosophy of science, creative fiction/non-fiction writing, and environmental humanities.


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