• Associate Professor, Economics Department
  • Assistant Professor, Economics Department


Research Statement

Social science addresses systems in which the individual actions of diverse participants interacting in complex, non-additive ways through institutional structures determine social outcomes. In many cases, economic and social institutions play a significant role in regulating and organizing social interactions resulting in outcomes that have perceptible statistical effects at the macroeconomic level. My research focuses on understanding the relationship between these aggregate social outcomes and the structural mechanisms that generate them. The objective of this research is to understand how economic and social institutions lead to the emergence of particular distributional outcomes of variables such as income, wealth, profit, output, growth, and technical change, and to articulate a statistically based theory of the institutional and structural elements of economic systems that can account for and inform our understanding of observed macroeconomic phenomena. 


Research Keywords

  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Statistical Inferences
  • R
  • Political Economy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Microeconomics
  • Maximum Entropy
  • Information Theory
  • Bayesian Econometrics