Up Sira Nukulkit portrait
  • Graduate Teaching Asst (E), Economics Department

Current Courses

Spring 2019

  • ECON 3620-090
    Math for Econ

Courses I Teach

  • ECON 3620 - Mathematics for Economics
    This course will introduce students on how economists use mathematics as a main tool in their analyses in order to understand, and sometimes apply, economic theory. It is intended to cover several important mathematical concepts that will be studied in the context of their applications to economics. Also, it is aimed to develop students’ abilities to use mathematical techniques to solve problems in economics. At the end of this semester, students would be expected to understand basic mathematical techniques used in economics such as linear algebra, derivative, differential, optimization with and without constraints, and matrix algebra.
  • ECON 5060/6060 - History of Economic Doctrine
    This course will study the evolution of economic theories from the time of Adam Smith in pluralistic approach. The course will revolve around four main concepts of "theory of value", "growth", "cycle", and "ideology". Modern economists find their intellectual origins from thinkers in the history of economic doctrine. By the end of the course, students who are successful in this course will be able to critique theories of value, understand the concept of economic growth and evolution of economic systems, think critically on the concept of cycle, identify the different economic perspectives.

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