• Doctor of Philosophy, Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY MAIN CAM. Project: A Physically-based Simulation Approach to Three-Dimensional Computer Animation.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Art, FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE
  • Master of Fine Arts, Art, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA. Project: Reality as the Artist's Intent

Honors & Awards

  • Computer Animation Festival Committee (SIGGRAPH-Asia 2014). Select international group is chosen. Two and a half day jurying process in Songjiang, China. Jury Members Craig Caldwell, University of Utah Ethan Chang, DeTao China Jinny H.J. Choo, ONCOMM & Korea National University of Arts (K'ARTS) Jianying Gong, China Animation Association Robin King, DeTao China Jack Lew, Laguna College of Art & Design Dan Sarto, Animation World Network Shuzo John Shiota, Polygon Pictures . SIGGRAPG-Asia, 07/2014
  • Judge for the Second CCG DeTao Animation Design Competition awarded at the Ninth China International Comics and Games Expo (CCG Expo), Shanghai Convention Center.7/12/2013. . CCG DeTao Animation Design Competition, 07/12/2013
  • FMX: Forum for Innovation. Participation by invitation only. Professionals from different disciplines work through complex issues for new solutions. Topic was “World Building” sponsored by 5D institute ( FMX-lab purpose was exchange of expertise for pushing world thinking into World Building; prototyping without breaking the design. Facilitated by Paul Tyler, “Handling Ideas”, using physical thinking tools taken from agile design and fast prototyping. Stuttgart, Germany. FMX: Forum for Innovation, 04/23/2013
  • Judge for the 1st CCG DeTao Animation Design Competition at CCG (Comics and Games) Expo 2012. CCG DeTao Animation Design Competition, 07/14/2012
  • Judge for Festival Interncional de Animacion, Mundos Digitales, A Coruna Spain Festival Interncional de Animacion, Mundos Digitales, 07/03/2011
  • Beijing De Tao “Master” designation, Beijing, China. Nominated with a highly selective process from candidates worldwide. Masters were flown to Beijing for ceremony and to meet George Lee. De Tao Masters Academy, 06/20/2011
  • Judge in Concept to Company Contest for expanding Utah's Digital Media Industry. Involved in promoting the contest, review of submissions, and all-day judging of finalists at UVU (2/1/2010) on March 5, 2010 with announcement at PushButton Summit (3/5/2010). Grow Utah Ventures, 03/05/2010


Craig Caldwell, USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research) Professor, Digital Media Cluster, University of Utah. Industry experience: 3D Technology Specialist, Walt Disney Feature Animation in Burbank, CA (i.e. Tarzan, Dinosaur, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons etc.) and Creative Training at Electronic Arts, Tiburon Studio. Academic  background includes Head of the largest FilmSchool in Australia at Griffith University; known for its interdisciplinary program in Film, Animation, and Games. Previously was Head of the Media Arts Department at University of Arizona and Associate Director of the Triestman New Media Center. Currently Director of Arts Track, Master Games Studio, UofU; focus on story development.  Have presented at conferences such as SIGGRAPH, View Conference, and Mundos Digitales.


  • Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association (ASPERA), Affiliate Member, 07/2007 - present
  • Special Interest Group in Graphics (SIGGRAPH), Member, 10/1984 - present

In the Media

  • TBS television. Online link. 07/07/2017.
  • The Korea Herald. 07/03/2017.
  • Dailyhunt news. With stars in their eyes and dreams in their heart, teenagers take over GAFX by Anil Budur Lulla. 05/15/2017.
  • Promotional video for FMX, major conference in games and animation. 11/23/2015.
  • Animation Magazine report on Siggraph Asia 2014. 12/08/2014.
  • Promotion for SIGGRAPH Asia 2014. 11/07/2014.
  • Animator Island Interview about animation and story. . 05/2013.
  • KSL - U of U's Entertainment Arts gaining steam and recognition. Worked with Amie Parker to provide the information about the program and quotes used in the article. (3 links) . 04/23/2013.
  • Interview on CCTV Summit Dialogue, Beijing, China DeTao Master of Media Arts and Innovative Education Prof. Jack Lew, DeTao Master of Digital Media Arts Prof. Craig Caldwell and China’s young online game entrepreneur Ms. Xu Rong opened an in-depth dialogue in Summit Dialogue on June 15th. ....Prof. Craig Caldwell advocated a sensible use of new media technology and edutainment in rearing children. He opposed restraints on children’s personality development and rigid rules in educating them, encouraging innovative thoughts of children. He also called for parents’ rational guidance and participation in games so that they got on intimate terms with their children. All these contributed to improved child education.... 06/15/2012.
  • Daily Utah Chronicle: Video Game field yields artistic entertainment. ...One of the things that makes video games such a special medium when it comes to the realm of artistic expression and audience reception is that they are, by their very nature, interactive experiences. They require the input and participation of the audience to deliver their messages. This is something that professor of computer science Craig Caldwell said is important when it comes to viewing video games as expressions of creativity. “It’s a collaborative form,” Caldwell said. “Generally, the author or the artist tends to create it and you have a passive viewer that may interact at a lower level. But here you’ve got the audience actually in partnership with the author, completing that experience. So that changes the nature of it, because of how participatory the audience is with that.” ..... 02/03/2012.
  • Video Games: Where Technology Meets Art. The Marriott Library has teamed up with faculty from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering Master Games Studio to present three public lectures during spring semester 2012. The theme for the lecture series is Video Games: Where Technology Meets Art. Combining faculty from The School of Computing and Film and Media Arts, EAE offers undergraduate and graduate emphases in game development and study. Students of the EAE Master Games Studio study and build games that push the state of the art and question how games are made and played. 12/29/2011.
  • PushButton Summit pushes the right digital media buttons. The diversity of Utah’s digital media industry cluster was on display when a wide range of students, game developers, educators, government leaders, and industry veterans attended the PushButton Summit hosted by Grow Utah Ventures Oct. 13-14. Participants attended sessions on topics ranging from virtual production, to opportunities “in the cloud,” to funding. Admission also included entrance into The Leonardo and the Gaming & Electronics Expo (GEEX). University of Utah USTAR Professor Craig Caldwell moderated a session exploring how online communities drive game design and content delivery strategies. Multi-user online games have led to the formation of huge numbers of online communities, and leading companies Sony Online Entertainment Studios and Smart Bomb Interactive shared insights on what that means from both the customer and business standpoints. 10/24/2011.
  • University of Utah Researchers Create Game to Help Cancer Patients. Researchers at the University of Utah have developed a motion-controlled game that helps children with cancer cope with their illness by promoting good mental health and physical fitness. The game, which was developed by chemistry professor Grzegorz Bulaj, is called PE Interactive (PE stands for "patient empowerment"). 09/27/2011.
  • Reuters Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:01am EDT New Video Game to Help Kids With Cancer Even super heroes need a chance to get better, especially if they’ve been fighting their arch-nemesis and a robotic crab that just won’t go away. At least, that’s the premise behind a video game developed at the University of Utah to help children with cancer during their treatment. In an exciting collaboration between the University of Utah’s Engineering Arts and Entertainment (EAE) program, the university’s departments of pediatrics and medicinal chemistry and Primary Children’s Medical Center, a team of professors and graduate students have created a game that is expected to increase patients’ physical strength and give them a sense of empowerment to help their mental state while fighting their disease. On Friday, Sept. 23, the game was unveiled for use at Primary Children’s Medical Center. 09/26/2011.
  • Gazette - News of the University. Game On by Ann Whitney Floor. Some 21 students are now enrolled in the first year of a new interdisciplinary graduate program to design and build computer games. The three professors you run the Master Game Studio are ecstatic. "The student response has been phenomenal." says Craig Caldwell.... 03/2011.
  • Red Thread, University of Utah Reprinted in FYI USTAR Professor in Digital Media Cluster Film Studies Craig Caldwell, Originally from Griffith University in Brisbane, where he was head of the largest film school in Australia, Craig Caldwell is now at the U as a USTAR professor teaching with Mark Van Langeveld and Roger Altizer in the Master Games Studio, a new interdisciplinary graduate program offered jointly by the departments of film and computer science. In the program, students design and build computer games—one of the fastest growing fields in digital media..... 02/23/2011.
  • OndeQuadre (major digital media site based in Torino) 11/2010.
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  • C G Record - Computer Graphic Newspaper 09/2010.
  • 3D World Magazine, Press Release for View Conference 09/2010.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Australia and New Zealand. Worked at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia for 3 years. Head of the Griffith Film School.