Claudia Geist (she/her) portrait
  • Professor, Gender Studies
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Obstetrics And Gynecology
  • Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Research Summary

My research interests fall into three broad categories: 1) the association between attitudes, economic circumstances, and health and family formation and family planning; 2) the social construction of family, gender, and sexuality, and 3) gender inequality as it relates to the intersection of family and work.

Selected Works

  • Geist C, Greenberg KB, Luikenaar RAC & Mihalopoulos NL (2021). Pediatric Research and Health Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Adolescents and Young Adults: Improving (Biopsychosocial) Health Outcomes. Academic pediatrics. Vol. 21, 32-42. Published, 01/01/2021.
  • Tabler, Jennifer and Claudia Geist. “Young Women with Eating Disorders or Disordered Eating Behaviors Delinquency, Risky Sexual Behaviors, and Number of Children in Early Adulthood." Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World. Published, 05/2016.
  • Geist, Claudia. “Marriage Formation in Context: Four Decades in Comparative Perspective.” Social Sciences 6: 9. Published, 02/2017.
  • Cole, Wade M, and Claudia Geist. 2020. “Conceiving of Contraception: World Society, Cultural Resistance, and Contraceptive Use, 1970–2012” Social Forces published online ahead of print, Published, 08/2020.
  • Geist, Claudia and Sarah Brauner-Otto. “Constrained Intentions: Individual Economic Resources, Regional Context, and Fertility Expectations in Germany.” Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 3. Published, 01/2017.
  • Geist, Claudia & Cohen, Philip N. (2011). Headed Toward Equality? Housework Change in Comparative Perspective. Journal of Marriage and Family. Vol. 73(4), 832-844. Published, 07/2011.
  • Powell, Brian, Catherine Bolzendahl, Claudia Geist, and Lala Carr Steelman. Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans’ Definitions of ‘Family.’ Russell Sage Foundation. Published, 08/2010.


  • PhD, Sociology, Indiana University


Claudia Geist is Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Utah. She originally from Germany and studied social sciences at the University of Mannheim (Germany) before completing a PhD in Sociology at Indiana Univeristy. Before joining the University of Utah, she completed a postdoc at the Carolina Population Center at UNC Chapel Hill. She lives with her wife, child, and various pets in Millcreek, Utah.