Claudia Geist portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Gender Studies
  • Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Current Courses

Fall 2018

  • GNDR 3635-001
    The Price of Gender
    Location: BEH S 114 (Social & Behavioral Science Bl)
  • SOC 3877-001
    Senior Thesis 1
  • SOC 4894-001
    Peer Advising
  • SOC 6846-001
    Political Sociology
    Location: BEH S 315 (Behavioral Science Building)
  • SOC 7910-005
    Research Project

Spring 2018

Professional Organizations

  • Society for Family Planning. 06/2017 - present. Position : Member.

Courses I Teach

  • GNDR 3635-001 - Price of Gender
    This course focuses on inequalities the areas of family, gender and sexuality and examines the role of society in shaping these inequalities. We address why gender, sexuality and marriage remain important dimensions of inequality, and if and how the state comes into play. We specifically examine how these three dimensions help us understand existing economic inequalities. Topics covered in this course include gendered earnings gaps at the local and global level, the relationship between family and the state, the role of marriage in efforts to alleviate poverty, and the role of the state in the regulation of sexuality. This course fulfills the QI requirement and we will explore ways to understand quantitative research findings and use graphs and tables to communicate findings to others, using the substantive examples from the course readings.