Research Statement

My program of research is focused to the nursing workforce. My recent dissertation research was a multiple method, qualitative study focused to describe how experienced nurses made decisions associated with intention to leave direct patient care. This state-wide study was aimed to be supportive of the experienced nurse and to inform the profession of nursing and healthcare organizations with regard to the experienced nurse’s professional desires regarding their career decisions. For the past several years I led collaborative nursing research conferences with various schools of nursing which provided nurses, students and faculty the opportunity to present their research and hear the latest from national leaders in nursing research. I also developed the Nursing Research Fellowship which has funded over 50 novice and expert nurse researchers working in hospital, homecare, hospice and clinic settings.

Research Keywords

  • Workload/Hours of Care
  • Workforce Generations
  • Voluntary Turnover
  • Retention of Nurses
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Patient Acuity
  • Nursing Workforce
  • Nurses in Childbearing/Child-rearing Years
  • Nurse-to-Patient Ratios
  • Nurse Career Paths
  • Intention to Leave
  • Compensation


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  • English, fluent.